Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am going to a cousins wedding on Sunday and I just found out my sister wasn't invited.  Now, I don't know if it was an oversight or on purpose.  My mom claims it was on purpose but one can't always believe what my mom says.  I would like to give my cousin the benefit of the doubt.  She is a very family oriented person.  When she found out that much of the family wasn't invited to her brothers wedding she called them up and gave them earful and made them invite the family.

Yes, my sister is develpmentally disabled.  Yes, she isn't attractive and neither is her husband.  They are both a little weird and quirky, BUT they are family.  Her feelings were hurt but she moved recently and she thinks my cousin must have just not had her address.

I am tempted to ask my cousin.  And normally probably would.... except there has already been an issue that I caused (well, I didn't necessarily cause, but was in the middle of) for her wedding so I don't want to cause her any more greif.  But ... I don't know.... if she didn't invite my sister on purpse, I almost don't want to go to the wedding...

Life is SO hard right now.  I am greiving over something, incredibly stress over something and so very happy about something else.  All of those emotions are wreaking havoc on my body.  Pretty bad Fibro flare up and a horrible tension headache that keeps triggering a migraine.  I hate it when I have a headache cycle like this. It is VERY hard to break it. *sigh*


  1. Breathe deeep and then let it out..LET it pour out Dem.. don't hold it inside. Bottled up stuff can sure make one stressed out. Maybe you could find out by asking another family member who might know the guest list.Sometimes there is limited space and some just dont get invited. My brother (now deceased) only child getting married in June never even invited me or my sister. They live right in town here..hurt our feelings but we just have to live and let it go. I found out on Facebook of all things..sheesh,, anyway hope you get to feeling some better.

  2. Thanks Caroldee. I go back & forth between thinking "It's her wedding and she has the right to invite or not invite anyone she wants" and just leaving it alone... and wanting to ask just to double check to make sure she didn't accidentally forget her. The whole family was invited. She even sent invitations to her cousins that live in different states and she knew wouldn't be able to come because she didn't want to leave people out.

  3. It is easy to invite those that you know can't come, but still expect a gift or money. Sad statement but true.

  4. You should just do us all a big favor and fucking kill yourself. We're all tired of your whining and crying. Step up to the plate and be a fucking grown up for a change.